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We offer multi-asset order management and execution capabilities combined with integrated post-trade services and custody. All are delivered as a service through a single platform and deployed with minimal upfront investment.


Order management and trade execution capabilities combined with real-time market data and portfolio analysis. All are seamlessly integrated into our one platform.

Invest in stocks, options, currencies, bonds, and funds via our comprehensive trading platform suite or API connectivity. Seamless and rapid access to trading targets and liquidity across markets and asset classes.

Vatin Limited


Award-winning trading application available on desktop, web, and mobile for active traders and retail investors.
Advanced features and workflows help traders with order management, trade execution, portfolio monitoring, and risk management.
Integrate front-end trading systems and investment applications through an API ecosystem for order routing, execution, and post-trade services.

A single connection for electronic order routing to over 80 markets, execution venues, and brokers worldwide. Order management across multiple trading venues supported by algorithms such as TWAP and VWAP.

Pre-trade functionality, real-time market data, order routing, liquidity aggregation, position monitoring, and post-trade analytics.

A dedicated dealing desk available during market hours provides high-touch support for all types and sizes of orders in all market conditions.

Processing and execution of block trades and time/price-sensitive trades on index rebalancing dates.

Our experienced sales trading team continuously monitors the market for potential opportunities that match our clients’ investment profiles.

Leverage Vatin Limited’s integrated back-office services and resolute operations team to manage all post-trade processes.

Address all aspects of the post-trade trade lifecycle and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements in all markets.

Our resolute operations team manages all aspects of the clearing and settlement process.
Seamlessly process payments, trade reconciliations, corporate actions, remittances, and more.
Integrated reporting of trading accounts and end-customer statements.
Transfer post-trade data to your back-office systems via custom integration points.
Services for institutional investors
We offer DVP treatment to all markets, including frontier and developing markets that have not yet implemented DVP. T+0 settlement and margin trading with real-time mark-to-market on all markets to ensure effective risk management.

Vatin Limited

Vatin Limited

Real Time

Real-time position, risk, and margin monitoring, including all intraday trading activity A customized solution for your specific payment and storage needs. ACCOUNT STRUCTURE AND STORAGE Choose between an omnibus or a fully disclosed account structure and deploy it all in a single repository. Omnibus trading offers the convenience of trading across multiple markets with a single account, ensuring anonymity and control for your customers. Fund your account, execute, and settle trades in multiple currencies. Gain greater flexibility in trade settlements and settlements with bespoke custody services.


Invest globally in stocks, options, forex, bonds, and mutual funds 24 hours a day, 6 days a week from one unified account. Vatin Limited offers over 3 million instruments across multiple asset classes and markets, with execution, real-time market data, and post-trade services available from a single custody account.

More than 78 countries

Vatin currently covers a total of 78 countries 82 exchanges-currently covers a total of 82 exchanges Africa-24 countries Middle East-9 countries America and Latin America-10 countries Europe-28 countries Asia Pacific-15 countries


Efficient delivery of market data, news, and content for developed emerging and frontier markets available on the Vatin Limited platform


Streaming real-time or historical market data for local, regional, and international markets is available on the Vatin Limited platform. EXTENSIVE CONTENT COVERAGE Seamless content including news, stock market announcements, and company reports on developed, emerging, and frontier markets.


The Vatin Limited platform enables local partners to provide fresh and relevant content for their respective markets. QUALITY MANAGEMENT Content is checked by our quality assurance team before being published on the Vatin Limited platform.