Social Responsibility

Vatin Limited Opportunities

Fostering a thriving global community that creates greater opportunities for all

Vatin Limited is a purpose-driven organization. Our mission is to accelerate progress.

Diversification of Technology and Data
We help diversify the technology sector and build intergenerational wealth by providing vocational training and job opportunities to traditionally underrepresented communities.

Environmental Resilience
Helping vulnerable communities adapt to new climate realities and prepare for and recover from climate-related disasters.

Vatin Limited

Build a Successful Community

With thousands of employees with diverse backgrounds, we help communities respond to local needs and find local solutions to global problems.
Our employees are the foundation of everything we do. Their talents and skills produce best-in-class data, insights, and products that our customers trust. Their passion and dedication are core elements of our corporate responsibility and diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.
We are committed to creating opportunities for our employees to use their time, talents, and expertise to support their communities.
Around the world, our local colleagues are leading the way and motivating others to participate in programs that make an impact in their workplaces and communities. Our Associates bring their unique professional skills and experience in areas such as STEM and finance to make a greater impact in the communities we serve. In addition, our human resources groups across the company are heavily involved in community activities and are encouraged to participate in the creation of grants through Vatin Limited.
In 2022 alone, 20,000 hours of service were donated to local communities, impacting 50 cities around the world. Similarly, 2022 saw a 19% increase in the utilization of the gifting program, with more than $4 million of donations to more than 2,600 organizations around the world.

19.5k spontaneous time
Employees are given 5 days each year to volunteer in their communities

$4 a million
Donate through our gifting programs

34 Country / Region
Support with our donated time

At Vatin Limited, the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the communities in which we live, and work is always our top priority. As a global company, we understand the importance of upholding and protecting universal human rights.

Our goal is to accelerate progress in the world. To achieve this, we leverage all our strengths: collective intelligence, services, products, people, operations, and donations.

Our strong commitment to accelerating progress begins with our own business. At Valin Limited, we take responsibility as a company by creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, reducing our environmental footprint, and maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. We know that good data and information enable better decisions. Against this background, we provide our stakeholders with a transparent and detailed view of our activities and the impact of Valin Limited.